Nick young respect the Big Baller.


Young is a businessman himself. He has a clothing line, “Most Hated” that he has built over the years. Young spent four seasons with the Lakers, a wonderful spot to be for someone looking to build their brand off the court.

Building a brand is something that Lonzo and his family are looking to do as well. It is partly why they were hopeful Lonzo would be selected by the Lakers, in addition to him growing up a Lakers fan.

Developing a brand isn’t something that is easy to do. Young has seemingly done it, and he respects what Ball family is trying to do with their own brand.


Young recently told Lawrence Schlossman of Grailed how he felt about the Big Baller Brand from afar.

“Yeah, that’s so important marketing-wise, image-wise, especially now that the NBA is global. It’s fashion. It’s everything. Look at Ball. He’s got his own brand. Nobody thought about that. That’s daring. I respect it.”

No player has entered the NBA with what Ball has. He has his own signature shoe that isn’t from one of the big shoe companies. He is featured on a Facebook, Ball In The Family, show centered around the happenings of the Ball family.

Sources: FanSide


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